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Self Love as a Daily Practice, Not an Excuse to Indulge

Self Love as a Daily Practice, Not an Excuse to Indulge

The term ‘self love’ has been cropping up all over the internet for a while now and whilst I whole-heartedly support the message of taking better care of ourselves I have noticed a few unsavoury trends within the movement that I feel could lead to dangerous ground and, in fact, destroy the message itself.

What do you think of when you think of self love? Often times if we search the hashtag on Instagram or Twitter we’ll see photographs of frosted cupcakes, champagne bubbles or petal-filled bubble baths. And whilst these are indulgent ways to treat ourselves from time to time, they fit into the ‘crash & burn’ cycle rather than uplifting us for continued growth and success.

Instead of living in a way that causes us to eventually feel depleted and then feel as though we must give ourselves indulgent desserts, evenings out, evenings in or whatever you have on the menu for your ritual of self-care, let’s instead practice self-love every day so keep our energies high and our love for ourselves skyrocketed. Because, quite frankly, there is no love of self in the ‘crash & burn’ cycle as we continually forgo our own desires, needs and wants until we can longer sustain it. Self-love is an act from the self to the self and is completely free, not a commodity. There is no need to buy a new face mask or bar of chocolate to feel good about yourself.

Knowing our own worth, treating ourselves with respect and upholding important boundaries is a less aesthetically-pleasing method of self-love but one that will heal your soul and strengthen your relationship with yourself.

So instead of reaching for that slice of cake or that glass of wine, try connecting with your inner being and ask her what she needs. It may be a rest from the outside world, time to indulge in creative projects or a change of pace from your daily ritual. Here are some self-love practices that may just have you connecting with your self once more:

— read a chapter of your book

— cook yourself your favourite meal

— spend some time painting, writing, knitting or other creative project you’ve been putting off

— take a walk in the fresh air amongst the trees

— give yourself a foot massage

— watch a movie

— connect with an old friend (self love isn’t always practiced alone and doesn’t have to be a solo act)

— create loving affirmations

— practice yoga or meditation

— dance and sing to your favourite music

— have an early night

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