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10 Ways to Clear Your Energy

10 Ways to Clear Your Energy

Clearing and cleaning your energy field is important for us all from time to time, but if you’ve been feeling especially drained recently this could be the perfect time to focus on clearing your energy and bringing back balance.

Here are ten ways to clear your energy at home:

1. Light a candle

Simply lighting a candle can help you to relax and re-set your focus when you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, anxious or drained. Fire is an incredibly powerful clearing tool and brings with it a sense of peace and calm. For centuries fire has been used to mark an end, celebrate the new and dispose of unwanted energy. Rituals include bonfires and burning of possessions and lighting a candle can invite the same cleaning energy.

2. Smudge (sage, rosemary, cedar, palo santo)

Smudging offers a more targeted cleanse of your home, possessions or personal aura. I enjoy smudging over and around my crystals to cleanse them and re-charge their energy (and then let them bask in the light of a full moon) and around any room that holds stagnant energy (particularly if I’ve been unwell, unrested or feeling blocked).

3. Set intentions

Setting an intention is a powerful way to re-focus your mind and align your mind and body to work towards your best self. Intention-setting is particularly helpful if you’ve been feeling a block in your work flow, your energies are drained from an imbalance in work / rest or if you need clarity over something.

4. Create a mantra

Create a mantra to focus your mind on positivity, self-love and acceptance to shift your energy from negativity or apathy towards lightness and flow. Your mantra could remain the same or change and could be broad or specific (example: “today I go in love towards all things” or “I am beautiful inside and out, I am intelligent, I am kind, I am important, I am loved”). Feel what is right for you.

5. Meditate

Meditation is a powerful tool to clear your mind and bring you back to your Self. It shifts the mind from all of it’s outward focus and presses a ‘reboot’ button within, allowing the mind to re-centre and for you to gain perspective and clarity. A wonderful tool for everybody whether it’s 10 minutes a day or 60 minutes a day.

6. Play music that speaks to your soul

Listen so sounds and voices that have you feeling motivated, elevated, grounded, joyful and peaceful. Let them move through your bones and connect to your heart. Drink them in.

7. Watch your thoughts, words and actions

Our thoughts shape our actions and words and become us. Watch your thoughts about yourself, your words about others and your actions in this world. Let love lead the way and pay close attention when you’re feeling ill-aligned. This is where the root of your karma comes from.

8. Dance

Sing and dance to let your emotions move through and out of you to cleanse yourself of them and start anew.

9. Create contact with nature

Create contact with nature to ground yourself and bring yourself back to divine creation and the beginning of all things. Feel connected again. This can be anything from a weekend in the countryside to an hour walk during your lunch break. Take what you can and learn from Mother Gaia.

10. Bathe in sunlight or moonlight

Bathe yourself in sunlight or moonlight to let the natural energies of these two yin and yang lights cleanse your spirit. Under the full moon allow the magic of the divine feminine empower and rebalance you.

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