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The Power of Sisterhood

The Power of Sisterhood

I have recently been on a journey to find myself within a strong sisterhood. Truthfully, I think I always have been.

I grew up with an older brother and a small but male-dominant family. I believe this to be a reason, amongst many, why I gravitated to having mostly male friends growing up and seeking male company... it was simply comfortable for me. Familiar. There has always been an undercurrent of yearning to be amongst other girls and women, but I haven't recognised it fully until recently. As I reflect, I can see clearly that it's always been there — this wild growling coming from within. To be in the company of people like me. To be surrounded by feminine energies.

Over the past months I've connected on a deeper level with new female friends than I have with most others. These women emanate strength, creativity, love and determination and have become an important part of my journey and growth. 

There is no mistake that women are essential to our very spirit.

There is a wild nature within every woman that longs for connection with other creatures, other women connected to their beast within. We roar like no other with a deep and meaningful connection to our intuition, imagination, tenderness and fortitude. Women amongst women creates a power unimaginable by any other means. We're strength and vulnerability, force and gentleness, serenity and vigor, ferocity and empathy. We're the essence of life itself.

Growing into my own womanhood was a journey into knowing myself at an ever-deeper level. And through this knowledge of self came the awareness of a greater wisdom. A wisdom accessed only by the cultivation of a bond between souls.

Finding Who You Are

Finding Who You Are