My Essential Vegan

My Essential Vegan


69 plant-based recipes including raw, low-fat and gluten-free!

I created this ebook with the hope of inspiring non-vegans, new vegans and life-long vegans alike. No matter what your skill level in the kitchen, these simple recipes are easy to follow and simple to prepare. Most of the recipes in this book are naturally low in fat (the fat that remains is healthy and essential) and gluten-free and a large number of them are raw. I have added nutritional information throughout for those of you trying to build muscle, maintain a healthy weight or keep an eye on your nutritional intake.

These recipes are an essential part of my daily life. They provide me with nutrients, sustenance, energy and comfort. I hope that they will become part of your life, too, and ignite inspiration for healthy, simple, plant-based eating.

If you take a picture, be sure to use the hashtag #myessentialvegan and tag me @blueollis on Instagram so that I can see your creations.

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