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5 Sep 2017

Benefits of Copper-Charged Water

I recently bought a copper flask; partly because I needed a drinking bottle and partly because it's so beautiful. But it was only when I got home and began looking up the benefits of drinking from a copper vessel that I became so enamoured with it. I had heard that drinking from copper was beneficial for our health, but wasn't fully aware how or why. When I began my descent into the wide web I began to realise how beneficial drinking copper-charged water can be for our health. Since then I've been charging my water over night and drinking around 700ml (the capacity of my flask) of this pure water every morning. And now I want to share with you how this simple overnight water can benefit you.

According to Ayurveda, drinking water from a copper vessel balances the 3 doshas – vatakapha and pitta. The water must be stored in the copper vessel for a minimum of 8 hours to become positively charged (hence why I've been charging mine over night). This charged water is called tamara jal. Balancing the doshas is important for overall health. If our mind, body and spirit are out of sync, our body intelligence suffers. This is when we crave unhealthy foods, our sleep is interrupted and we don't feel aligned in our lives. Balancing the doshas reconnects us to our body intelligence and we can work as a healthy eco-system of one. This promotes heath and happiness throughout our daily lives.

Copper is an essential trace mineral and can only be found in small quantities in foods, but not enough to sustain our daily recommended amount. When storing water in a copper vessel, the water absorbs the copper and its nutrient's, providing us with more of this essential mineral.

Studies have also shown that copper is antimicrobial and kills off bacteria and impurities, leaving us with cleaner water... amazing, right? This means improved immunity function, better digestion, clearer skin, stronger hair and nails, a faster metabolism, arthritic support, disease prevention, detoxification and even balance the body's pH levels. 

Phew, that's a whole lotta good stuff!

So whether you're interested in balancing your inner and outer alignment or if you're looking for a zero-waste method of producing clean water for optimal health, drinking from a copper flask, cup, mug or whatever vessel you like is an affordable, sustainable and beautiful option.

NOTE: if you're drinking from a copper container every day, take a break after 3 months for around 4 weeks. This gives the body time to remove excess copper stored in the body.

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