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21 Sep 2017

A Letter To Autumn


I've walked through life embracing Summer; excitedly awaiting the warm light hugging my skin, my soles entwining with blades of grass, and longed for the heat of the air to last just a little longer.

Waking up with the morning sun feeling revived and full of life, picking berries off bushes as though I no longer live in a concrete jungle of modern civilisation, feeling closer to Mother Nature as fewer layers of cloths and clothing come between us. I feel my winter blues dissipate come Spring and nothing feels as joyful as welcoming the ease and grace of Summer.

But with my embrace of Summer comes a distaste for Autumn. As a rebellion against change from my beloved Summer I have cultivated a sort of scorn for you. To me you've represented the beginning of a season filled with darkness and lethargy. The part of the year I begin to resent for shielding me from the light of Summer with a blanket of heavy and impenetrable darkness. Waking, moving and thinking becomes more burdensome and each day feels longer than the last.

But what I've come to realise, Autumn, is that you are not separate from Summer. It is only us misguided humans who have created you, dividing you from your sisters. You are part of one that could not be without the sum of its parts. One great, benevolent and utterly perfect cycle of life that I have forgotten how to love.

It is with this season of change upon us now as we flow into Autumn that I am reminded of your beauty and pure grace. You are abundant with the powers of self-reflection, inner healing and intentional living. Summer's buoyancy and childlike wonder is transcended into Autumn's creativity and truth. I come from a place of lift to a moment of grounding with your blessing.

Your darkness is not a punishment as I once thought, but instead a reminder to stop using our eyes to look outward and begin a greater journey that transcends visual stimulation. It's no mistake we're beings created on this earth to live amongst you and your sisters. Each season serves its purpose and I am grateful to know you, Autumn, in all of your glory.


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