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15 Jun 2017

Meditation and Yoga Daily Routine

This week the sun has welcomed us into Summer and I’ve been feeling more productive, clear-minded and ready for each day ahead. If, like me, you’re affected by the weather (in particular the sun or lack there of), you’ll know how great it feels to wake up to rays of light through the window and echoing sounds from neighbours beginning their days.

To ground myself and fully prepare my mind and body for the day, I’ve added a short meditation to my mornings. My mind can often be abuzz with thoughts, ideas and to-dos first thing, so I like to calm the storm before I even get out of bed.

Propping myself up with my favourite pillow, I lean into a guided meditation (usually somewhere between 10-25 minutes). With my body still and my mind empty (or at least that’s the aim), I always come out of the practice feeling rejuvenated and truly joyful. It’s my version of a cold shower to wake up the senses!

I’ve been loving the Insight Timer app which offers guided meditations, timing bells, ambient music and you can track your sessions and connect with other meditators nearby. Although so far I’ve only used it’s guided mediation feature (I don’t need another social media distracting me!), it’s become my favourite way to meditate. AND it’s free! Major plus.

Adding a meditation practice to my morning means my yoga practice has been serving as a cool-down in the evenings. After each day I look forward to hopping on my mat and winding down with some deep stretches and inward thoughts. I feel as though my meditations and yogic exercises go hand-in-hand and enhance each other, creating a calming book-end affect for each day.

If you’re new to meditation and are curious enough to try it out, I highly recommend using a guided app or video. Make yourself comfortable with a cushion or blanket, make sure you’re in an undisturbed space and enjoy each moment. If you’re a frequent meditator, I’d love to hear how you fit it into your routine and whether it enhances your yoga practice, too. Send me a tweet, Instagram message or YouTube comment to let me know! I love hearing from you all and keeping connected.

*this is not sponsored – everything mentioned is from my heart to yours.

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