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22 Jun 2017


At the beginning of the yoga challenge, although I was looking forward to each new practice, because yoga wasn't in my daily routine I found it an extra challenge to schedule in my dairy when to hop on the mat. It felt a little rigid and sometimes forced. As we're getting nearer the end of the month now, I feel a little looser in the practice and I enjoy moving my body around more than once a day.

Sometimes, without meaning to, I find myself getting into a yoga pose just because my body craves the stretch. While I'm waiting for the hot water in the shower I might come into a hamstring stretch or watching TV I might assume lotus position. I've also been having fun flinging my legs up the wall and practicing my headstands and handstands (something I'm very keen on working on and improving – have you found something you'd like to see yourself improve?).

I've found that my aches and pains have diminished (honestly, totally disappeared). My body has been building muscle strength to support my structure, more movement means more release of acidic build up and stretching means calming and relaxing the muscles. My back feels looser, my shoulders less tight, my knees and joints are clicking less – my entire body is feeling the benefits.

I hope you've been feeling the benefits of practicing yoga either every day or every now and again. I truly believe it has something for everybody – any age, ability, gender or lifestyle.

Have a peaceful week.

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