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21 Mar 2017

Wooden Hair Brush for Healthier Hair

A woman's hair is both her loving friend and her sworn enemy. Every head of hair is a personal journey that takes years to perfect and refine (hence the embarrassing teen photos of wonky fringes, luminous hair colours and styling mishaps). Each and every woman has her own sacred method of dealing with the demons lurking in her hair.
The hairbrush, for me, has always been a contentious topic. Long story short... I despise them. They make my hair frizzy as hell, flat to my head and static everywhere else. Awful. So I only used them to comb through conditioner and detangle spray, swearing never to use them on dry hair again. I've got naturally thick, oily, tangly hair and it's always been a pain to wash it (it takes forever to dry, I have to wash it often and it's impossible to brush through without a detangle spray and buckets of conditioner).

But then along came the wooden brush. Since discovering low-poo and no-poo methods online I've seen the wooden brush pop up here and there as a way to control oil production, tame frizz, massage the scalp and so much more. Could this be the answer to my hairbrush woes? I had to get my hands on one.

natural conditioner (soft and shiny)
Because wood is naturally porous it absorbs the oils from your hair as you brush with it, dispersing the oils from root to tip and leaving your hair soft, shiny and naturally conditioned.

grow your hair longer faster
If you want to grow your hair longer faster you've simply got to use a wooden hair brush. Because it keeps the hair conditioned and helps with circulation which, in turn, promotes hair growth, your hair will grow faster than ever. I've been a massive fan of short hair (and still am) but am currently growing my hair (and it's bleach) out for a softer, hopefully more manageable style... a fresh start, really. I'm looking forward to seeing my locks grow long and healthy!

stop hair breakages
When you brush through your hair with a plastic brush it inevitably creates breakages and can snap your hair. With a wooden brush, because of it's wide tooth, there are no breakages. This means fuller, healthier hair!

weekly washes
Because the wooden brush is naturally porous, it soaks up some of the natural oils from the roots and draws them through the hair shaft. This means the oils are more evenly distributed and so you wont find your hair as oily as quickly... so you can go longer between washes. 

goodbye static
I use to hate brushing my hair (until now) because it always left my hair wildly static and super fluffy. I looked like I just stepped out of the 1940s... but without the sultry, sexy eyes and red pout to match. Little did I know the plastic bristles were sending my hair into an untameable frenzy! Thankfully the wooden bristles untangle my hair without making me look like I've rubbed a balloon on my head.

massage, anyone?
Okay, so it feels pretty great. Who doesn't like a head massage?! The wider, softer bristles feel amazing on the scalp and will increase circulation which means, yup... you guessed it, faster hair growth and allows for more nutrients to reach your scalp and hair.

friend of the earth
Most modern hairbrushes are made from plastic. We all know plastic doesn't decompose and so is filling up our oceans and landfills at a rate I'd rather not think about. Thankfully wooden hairbrushes are made from natural materials that not only last longer and so don't need to be repurchased as often (or ever), but also decompose a lot faster. I've been replacing plastic items (recycling where possible or donating the old) in my life with more sustainable alternatives, including this brush. It feels good to have things in my life that I know are making a more positive impact on others and the planet and leaves me feeling more peaceful and contented. Never underestimate the power of your subconscious telling you something is or isn't right.

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