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28 Feb 2017

3 Ingredient Vegan Pancakes + Chocolate Sauce | The Recipe Book

Happy pancake day, everyone! I've created a recipe that'll not only taste totally delicious, but only takes 3 ingredients to make (and you've probably already got them in your cupboard) and less than 5 minutes to whip up.

9 Feb 2017

5 Minimalist YouTubers to Watch

Minimalism is making a quick and fiery come back with more and more people embracing it and taking it onboard to suit their lifestyle. There are many aspects of minimalism from style and wardrobe, home d├ęcor and interior design, diet and health, digital and online minimalism... the list goes on! I've been on a minimalist journey myself, incorporating different aspects into my daily life, and have really enjoyed the process. But, as I'm sure each of us discover, there are times I need a little extra motivation and a reminder of the benefits of the process. 

2 Feb 2017

DIY Facial Oil

My skincare regimen has consisted of shop bought, chemical-ridden products for most of my life. I've recently been taking a closer look into my skincare stash, noting what does and doesn't work for me, and keeping only the things that benefit me and my skin. With this in mind, I've said goodbye to a whole heap of things that haven't really been serving me or promoting my skin health.

— Coming Soon —