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12 Oct 2017

Going Zero Waste: The Biggest Mistake

28 Sep 2017

Question Everything

21 Sep 2017

A Letter To Autumn

14 Sep 2017

Finding Nature in a Concrete Jungle

5 Sep 2017

Benefits of Copper-Charged Water

24 Aug 2017

Intuitive Eating – The Anti-Diet

Intuitive eating – the diet to end all diets.

10 Aug 2017

New Moon, New Inspirations

6 Jul 2017

30 Day Yoga Challenge ROUNDUP

22 Jun 2017


15 Jun 2017

Meditation and Yoga Daily Routine

8 Jun 2017


If you're practicing yoga every day through June with me (video here) – or even just dipping your toes in every now and then – congratulations on making it through the first week! How do you feel?

18 May 2017

5 Small Things That Have Changed My Life

21 Mar 2017

Wooden Hair Brush for Healthier Hair

A woman's hair is both her loving friend and her sworn enemy. Every head of hair is a personal journey that takes years to perfect and refine (hence the embarrassing teen photos of wonky fringes, luminous hair colours and styling mishaps). Each and every woman has her own sacred method of dealing with the demons lurking in her hair.

7 Mar 2017

Taking Up Space As An INFJ

Taking up space as an INFJ is completely against our natural better judgement. We're completely aware of our surroundings from how we are perceived to how we may affect those around us, whether it's positively or negatively (and desperately want everyone to be at peace). So asking us to take up more room than necessary (we'd squeeze into a small a space as possible if it meant others would be more comfortable) makes us squirm. But because we are natural born people-pleasers, we tend to get overlooked and are often trampled on. Whether a co-worker always adds more tasks to our schedule because they know we can't say no, friends often take without giving much in return - this often manifests emotionally as well as physically - or a stranger pushes your elbow off a joint arm rest. So taking up room is a stand against the constant piss that is taken from us by the people around us.

2 Mar 2017

Slow Fashion for a Zero Waste Wardrobe

Living a more conscious, ethical lifestyle means taking into account the entire process of the items you purchase (rather than just the end result of you owning it) and buying what you believe in. When it comes to style and clothing there are plenty of items on the market that are produced for short-term use, only to be cast aside when the next trending item pops up in store fronts. We use to wear clothing for a lifetime, often handing down garments from generation to generation. Nowadays fast fashion has a grip on us, making us feel like we need the latest trending piece to fit in, feel confident or make a statement. For the environment this means landfills are being topped up at an alarming rate, for our purses this means constant spending that we don't actually need or even really want, and for our minds this means a steady feeling of inadequacy and unquenched desire. It's not healthy, not for the world at large and not even for ourselves.

28 Feb 2017

3 Ingredient Vegan Pancakes + Chocolate Sauce | The Recipe Book

Happy pancake day, everyone! I've created a recipe that'll not only taste totally delicious, but only takes 3 ingredients to make (and you've probably already got them in your cupboard) and less than 5 minutes to whip up.

9 Feb 2017

5 Minimalist YouTubers to Watch

Minimalism is making a quick and fiery come back with more and more people embracing it and taking it onboard to suit their lifestyle. There are many aspects of minimalism from style and wardrobe, home décor and interior design, diet and health, digital and online minimalism... the list goes on! I've been on a minimalist journey myself, incorporating different aspects into my daily life, and have really enjoyed the process. But, as I'm sure each of us discover, there are times I need a little extra motivation and a reminder of the benefits of the process. 

2 Feb 2017

DIY Facial Oil

My skincare regimen has consisted of shop bought, chemical-ridden products for most of my life. I've recently been taking a closer look into my skincare stash, noting what does and doesn't work for me, and keeping only the things that benefit me and my skin. With this in mind, I've said goodbye to a whole heap of things that haven't really been serving me or promoting my skin health.

31 Jan 2017

30 Day Resolution Challenge 2017

This year, as I was thinking about what I'd like to give up or work harder at, I couldn't find one primary thing I wanted to focus on. Instead I live by the simple ethos that encompasses a range of lifestyle choices, preferred habits and daily rituals. There are so many parts of myself and my life that I am constantly looking at in greater detail and adapting and improving. So why stick to one (usually unobtainable) thing that I'll have forgotten about come May? 

19 Jan 2017

Makeup-Free at the Office

Over the past few months (and years, really) I've been wearing dramatically less makeup... zero makeup 99% of the time. For me this is a personal choice and the shift has made me feel more confident in my skin, less worrisome about what others think of my appearance and more concerned with the things that really matter in life (for me and in my life). I'm lucky enough to have a job where makeup isn't a top priority – or one at all. Unfortunately this isn't the case for most women and society's standard of beauty controls the way they get ready in the morning. And to top it off, women who wear makeup get paid more – cue internal combustion.  

10 Jan 2017

3 Tips for Effective Bullet Journaling

Goal setting, list making, action planning, resolution making and journaling are all part of the big January detox when we think to ourselves 'this time I'm going to make it count'. And you'd be right. Conjuring an image of what you want your year to look like and writing down goals and plans to help you get there works wonders for keeping you motivated and reminded of where you want to be with monthly, weekly and even daily tasks to get you there. And it absolutely doesn't have to be dull or feel like a chore... it's your life, your goals and you get to decide how to get from A to B.

5 Jan 2017

Zero Waste Bathroom Travel Essentials

Zero waste living has become a large part of my life over the past few months and I've discovered some great life tips to implement for a more eco-conscious lifestyle. When we're in the comfort of our own homes it's easy to make zero waste choices, but when we travel we're having to forward-plan our daily actions and wondering what to bring with us that doesn't involve waste can seem tricky.

— Coming Soon —