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20 Dec 2016

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping

Whether you're having a zero waste Christmas or are looking to minimise your waste by cutting out the massive waste that is gift wrapping, these eco-friendly wrapping techniques are here to give your holiday a green touch... and look beautiful, too!

This year my focus has been on zero waste gift giving (you can find my zero waste stocking fillers guide here) which means abandoning the highly-packaged-store-bought gifts and instead presenting my friends and family with home-made and ethically-sourced goods that wont end up in a landfill.

But then it came to wrapping them...

I've never been one to add tacky gift toppers or wrap with fancy ribbons and have always preferred the rustic look of newspaper or brown paper wrapping. So, of course, this year was a doddle for me, but if you are use to presenting presents in gift bags and tissue paper of yards of wrapping paper that's only going to end up in the bin, you may want to start collecting those newspapers on your commute home from work or school.

Brown paper is a classic and always looks beautifully rustic and chic. Tied with some rough string, a homemade tag or simply on its own looks wonderful and will certainly stand out from the bright, glittery presents under the tree.

Don't feel like you need to use brown paper if you don't have some lying around... you can always use whatever paper you have left over, paper from those over packaged Amazon parcels or even make your own!

What's better than receiving a gift from a loved one? Realising there's another gift inside the first one! I love stacking presents in a Russian doll style and this year I've filled a beautiful glass box with all sorts of goodies and tied it all together with a scarf as a piece de resistance. It looks lovely and creates absolutely no waste at all!

If you're giving a bottle of something like wine or homemade oil infusion, these little DIY paper sacks are terrific (I've got them dotted around my place as planters, craft bags and decoration! For sweet treats and homemade goodies you can always tie them up and add a festive note on one side like these. Perfect for adding a special touch.

How will you be wrapping your presents this year? I'd love to hear from you so lets share our creative ideas and tricks with each other below!

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