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29 Nov 2016

Apple Pie Porridge | The Recipe Book

The cooler months are rolling in and my morning routine is changing from smoothies for breakfast to more porridge oats. I love the creaminess and thickness of porridge as well as it being a blank canvas for me to add any taste I like to. The world becomes my oyster (well, the porridge does anyway). Because it's Winter I chose a delicious seasonal version... the apple pie. Classic, simple and tasty. So here's my recipe:

3 Nov 2016

6 Underrated Everyday Things

Minimalism is about slowing down and finding joy in everything around you – okay, this may not be everyone's experience of modern day minimalism, especially if you're in it for the aesthetics, but at the heart of the concept is mindfulness. And this is where we find joy in the simple, everyday things that we perhaps normally take for granted. For me, the world is a much happier, more synchronised place when we take the time to appreciate what is around us.

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