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14 Oct 2016

6 Ways to Positively Change Your Life

Living the life you want starts with taking steps in the right direction. It can seem daunting at first but take a closer look and choose what is right for you today. Make positive choices and decide what you need in every moment. Here are 6 things to keep in mind to enhance your life and get you living healthy and happy today.

early rise
Getting up earlier not only means you get to greet the day with a calm and collected mind (no more rushing out of the door toothbrush in hand), it also means your day will be more productive. Yes you have more hours in the day to accomplish your goals and tasks, but you are also more alert, creative, and healthy. You have time to eat a hearty breakfast, prepare yourself and your surroundings for the day, and get your mind on track with goal-setting, list-making,or work-scheduling.

Getting up earlier also gives you time to meditate which decreases stress, promotes concentration, encourages a healthy lifestyle, increases happiness and improves heart health amongst countless other benefits. Meditating will really improve your life in every aspect and can take as little as 10 minutes a day. You can do it anywhere, it's free, you don't need any equipment and it's totally scientifically proven to have multiple benefits for everyone from every lifestyle.

Getting creative is a form of meditation and, for me, acts as a real life time machine that can transport to other realms. There is nothing quite like the euphoria of creating something whether it's art, writing, music, knitting, colouring, sculpting or any other form of creativity you can think of – it's pure magic. Creating something with your hands puts your mind at rest, allowing positive thoughts to come in and negative thoughts to dissolve. It reduced stress and anxiety, increases happiness and a sense of purpose and belonging, and cultivates spontaneity, expression of grief, positive self reflection and identity. Creating something can quite literally be a cure for depression, anxiety and self-judgement.

We're often taught that dreaming is dangerous, can leave us disappointed and disheartened, and that dreaming too big is silly and childish. This is absurd and completely false. Dreaming lets our minds wonder and explore the different avenues we could traverse – it's a way of seeing the possibilities in our lives and, even the seemingly unattainable dreams, can lead us to our future destination. Dreams let us get out of our present lives and look to the future with hope and courage and see our lives, situations, and hurdles from a distance with a truer perspective so that we may overcome them to achieve a happier life. They're the foundation of creating a life you love and without them we'd be stuck in the past without growth, experimentation, adventure, or change. So dream big, my friends, and let your mind wonder to all sorts of places. 

Nourishment is key for a happy and long life. No, I'm not taking about dieting – in fact, I'm talking the exact opposite. Never restrict yourself, never go hungry or wanting. Always fill your body with positivity, sustenance and nourishment. For me this means lots of natural, wholesome, easily digested, mineral and vitamin-rich foods like fruits, veggies, pulses and grains. I love cooking when I have the time but I also love quick and simple meals that leave me satisfied (check out my healthy fast food recipes here). Treating your body right is a sign of self-respect and tells your body you are worthy of being treated well and living your life to the fullest. Eating badly will lead to disease, mental health disorders and premature death whereas eating well can only ever lead to vitality, optimum health, and a long and happy life. Watch yourself thrive.

Moving more will tell your body to fire up and get in shape. It's a great way to boost your immune system, help digestion and loose excess weight. But aside from shedding a few pounds, it'll also clear your mind, cultivate creativity, help your focus, improve sleeping patterns, and give you a positive outlook. We know moving is good for us, but sometimes we find it hard to find the time. But instead of feeling like it's another chore to add to the list, make it a priority to move whenever you get the chance – climb the escalator rather than standing still, walk faster, move your legs under your desk, walk rather than take the bus... there are so many opportunities every day to improve your health and move more. So take them (here are some simple and easy ways to keep fit for for free, and here are some tips to keep you motivated).

So get up early, set your mind on a good and positive path, create wonderful things, dream big, nourish your body and soul, and get moving!

"True life is lived when tiny changes occur" – Leo Tolstoy

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