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28 Oct 2016

10 Uses for Castile Soap | Home, Body, Pets and Plants

Castile soap is a staple in most eco-conscious, green-living, zero-waste home. It's uses are seemingly endless and it's a 100% natural product so no bad chemicals are being spread around you home, body, or flushed into the ocean. I love the stuff and have used it for pretty much everything you can think of. Here are 10 ways you can use the Dr. Bronner Castile Soap:

14 Oct 2016

6 Ways to Positively Change Your Life

Living the life you want starts with taking steps in the right direction. It can seem daunting at first but take a closer look and choose what is right for you today. Make positive choices and decide what you need in every moment. Here are 6 things to keep in mind to enhance your life and get you living healthy and happy today.

10 Oct 2016

11 Things I Don't Buy | Zero-Waste

Since transitioning to a zero-waste lifestyle I have noticed the huge amount of waste products I get through. I've always seen myself as an ecologically minded person, but the little things that go unnoticed add up over time and create a huge amount of waste. So I dove in head-first and took a hard look at what I consume that I can switch up for more eco-friendly options. And here's what I no longer buy:

7 Oct 2016

6 Steps to Digital Minimalism

When we think of minimalism most of us conjure up an image of a white room or a neutral palette-ed wardrobe, but minimalism extends to every corner of life and somewhere that I find needs a bit more attention is the digital side of minimalism. This means decluttering your online space so that you can focus more on what's important whether that's writing an essay, spending more time on your blog, constructing an inspiration board or whatever it is you want to spend more of your precious time dedicated to.

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