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29 Jul 2016

Finding Your Workout Motivation

Working out sounds like a great idea (and it is) and lots of us imagine ourselves slipping in an hour's workout into our day without much thought. While this sounds idea, it often is too good to be true. While the first few weeks of a workout routine may be met with drive and excitement, soon you'll probably be finding all sorts of excuses not to do it (that's okay, it's human nature). Whether you're too tired after a day at work or school, you're feeling under the weather, or you double-booked and hanging out with friends sounds like a lot more fun, there's an excuse for every occasion. So here're a few of my favourite tips to keep those of you in the 'walking-to-dinner-still-counts-as-excersie' category motivated to get back on your best workout game!

set goals
Setting goals is key to any workout plan. Whether you want to work on a particular area or are looking to gain better overall health, knowing why you are going to the gym is important to keeping you motivated. It's not necessary to keep a rigid plan of every workout you need to hit that day, so if that's not your style you can simply give yourself a mantra, let yourself focus on what you want to achieve, and commit to working hard and well to your target (which may be different each day). I like to keep my workout plan fairly flexible so that it never loses it's fun and I can always adapt it to how I am feeling that day... this is okay, too! Just remember to always keep in your mind why you're here and what you're doing this for. It'll keep you focused and determined.

have fun
Working out shouldn't feel like punishment, instead look at it as a way of getting to know your body; it's possibilities and limits. If you feel like you're dragging yourself to the gym you'll probably end up quitting sooner or later. So find something you enjoy... this may take a few trails and misses before you figure it out, but trust me there is something out there that you'll love. For me, yoga is less of an exercise and more of some me-time where I can reconnect with myself and feel fantastic doing. So find something that makes you feel amazing and you'll be waiting for the chance to do it again!

keep upbeat
The music I listen to at the gym is totally different from that I listen to at home. Working your hardest at the gym requires you to feel upbeat, lively, and focused. So if down-tempo music is your jam, try listening to something a little more upbeat at the gym... it'll get you feeling energised and ready to push a little harder (my go-to has been the Apple Music R&B Workout radio station lately).

be comfortable
If you feel supported, comfortable, and safe you'll want to keep putting on those workout clothes and go for that run or workout class. Invest in some durable leggings and a sturdy bra and you'll never want to take them off (but try not to wear them outside of your workout regimen).

make it a routine
Making your workout part of your routine will enable you to keep it as a priority and slot it into your daily life. Making sure it's just as part of your day as brushing your teeth means it'll soon become just something you do, rather than something to remember to do. 

keep it a priority
Don't just pencil it into your diary... use pen (and not the one with the magic rubber!). Treat your workout as an appointment with yourself and something that's just as important and immoveable as a doctor's appointment, work deadline, or birthday. After all, what's more important that your health? (hint: nothing).
This also means nothing can trump it. If it's in the diary, anything else that comes after will have to work around it, not the other way around. Don't let drinks with friends, a quick nap, or a Netflix binge come in the way of your precious workout time. It's not something to toss aside when a seemingly better (or more enticing) offer comes along. You can always meet those friends a little later, sleep afterwards, and watch that movie later. And you'll feel so much better for honouring yourself in this way.

go with someone
If we've committed with someone else, we feel more obliged to turn up. Not only would we be letting ourselves down, we'd be letting someone else down, too, and for most of us that's even more of a faux pa. This added pressure can make working out a higher priority and get us to get our sweat on more often and more regularly.
If you don't have someone to go with, ask your friends / partner / family to nudge you to go – have them send you a text asking if you've been today and, if not, why not. This'll add the same pressure and, therefore, drive.

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