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4 Jul 2016

(Selfish) Benefits of Going Vegan

Being vegan is one of the best things I've ever done. But it seems to get a bad wrap amongst a lot of non-vegans, so aside from the ethical and environmental aspects, I'm going to share just a few (selfish) reasons I love being vegan.

saves time
Doing the food shop is not something anyone is ecstatic about – the isles and isles of foods and products to sift through to find what you really came in for is daunting and downright boring. Now imagine the supermarket is a fraction of the size and has all you need in one convenient place, just waiting for you to pick it up and be on your way. Yup, that's what being a vegan gets you. Down with the seemingly endless rows of foods... all we need is the fruit and veg isle (which is more often than not conveniently the first thing you come to) and perhaps a few items from the tinned goods isle. Bish, bash, bosh. In and out within minutes.

saves money
Veggies, pulses, and grains are amongst the cheapest foods in the world and are considered 'peasant food' in many countries. This means I can buy a lot more for a lot less... and I'm healthier for it!

in tune with my body
Because being vegan means I'm looking closer at what I put into my body, I've become extremely aware of what foods have what affect on me. I notice the energy carbohydrates give me, the glow fresh fruits and veggies give me, and the regulation on highs and lows a balanced diet provides.

clear skin
Fruits and veggies are easily digested and so my body passes through toxins rather than retaining them. This means clean digestive system and clear skin. (Acne or breakouts can mean a build up of toxins in the body from poor digestion – this is due to the body not being able to properly digest foods like meat and dairy).

fewer "umm"-ings
Because we don't yet live in a vegan world, most places sell mostly or exclusively meat / dairy dishes. That means the choice of restaurant is easier and what to order is quicker (there usually being one or two viable vegan options). PLUS if I'm eating with omnivores, they usually see my meal and wish they had ordered that instead.

more choice
Because going vegan means you look closer at foods, it also expands your knowledge of nutrition and holistic wellness. And once you've started down the rabbit trail of healthy living, theres no going back. You soon open up a whole new world of exciting and delicious foods you never knew existed before (my omnivorous friends still can't pronounce most of the foods I now eat on a daily basis). It's a misnomer that vegans have fewer options when it comes to food, when in reality we eat a wider variety of richly nutritious foods.

expansion of mind
Once you start learning about nutrition, your world is opened up to holistic wellbeing, self-improvement, tradition, history, ethics, spirituality, politics... and you realise that none of these things is separate. You'll soon find yourself on a journey of self-education that you just cannot stop.

Taking the time to educate yourself about what you put into your body on a daily, even hourly, basis is taking care of yourself in a deliberate and real way. In order to be vegan you must have self-respect and self-compassion. And the love only grows deeper every day. Take care of yourself; your mind, body, and spirit.

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