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25 Jul 2016

Minimalist Skincare Regimen

I'm on the path to living more minimally and mindfully and whilst I'm pursuing this lifestyle I come across new areas of my life that could do with a little more editing. And recently my skincare regimen has been under the microscope.

When it comes to using a skincare product, I have a little checklist before purchasing (or DIYing):

  • do I recognise all of the ingredients?
  • is every ingredient beneficial for my skin?
  • is it cruelty-free (not tested on animals and no animal derivatives)?
  • is it economical (minimal / recyclable packaging, ethically sourced)?
If the product ticks all of these boxes it may just be a winner.

My skin is oily and sensitive. It has been prone to breaking out and hyper-pigmentation in the past.

My routine has been paired down to:


1 oil cleanser
1 gentle cleanser
1 facial sponge / flannel

My current oil cleanser is Dr. Organic's Moroccan Argan Oil*. It's filled with antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamin E (facial superfood) and will plump and moisturise the skin. I chose argan oil in particular because of my oily skin type – argan oil balances and controls oil production so my skin is left more even with the dry patches nourished and the oily parts... less oily. 

I tend to use oil to cleanse if I'm wearing makeup (and sometimes when my skin needs a little moisture boost), otherwise I'll use a gentle cleanser. My favourite is Aqua Marina from LUSH as it's made for delicate skin and makes my skin feel incredibly soft, clean, and hydrated. I use this alongside my Konjac Sponge to give a little exfoliation (gentle enough for every day).


Toning is something I never forget to add into my routine. I believe it to be highly underrated and so important to keeping your skin happy and fresh. My DIY toner is ideal because it's not only incredible for the skin, it's practically free (you probably have all of the ingredients at home). The cider vinegar contains hydroxy acid that helps get rid of dead skin cells, leaving your skin glowing and new. It also helps to balance the pH levels in your skin and gets rid of dark spots, breakouts, and toxins. It's a miracle worker, I'm telling you!


1 DIY facial oil
1 light moisturiser

Moisturising is my favourite part of the day. It feels so luxurious and is a total self-love moment to rub beautiful oils into my skin and breathe in the scent deeply. I use my DIY facial oil (blogpost coming soon) which contains nourishing and essential oils to give my freshly cleaned skin some good lovin'. I add a small pump into my hand and work it into my skin in circular motions until it feels farily absorbed.

I use this oil mix morning and night unless I am going to apply base makeup, in which case I'll switch to my light moisturiser. I am currently using (and totally loving) the Neal's Yard Frankincense Hydrating Cream which sinks into my skin quickly and leaves me with soft skin.

I love my skincare routine and it's made even better by pairing it down, focusing on what my skin really needs, and making it more of a pamper than a chore. My skin has been thanking me ever since  – goodbye breakouts, hello glow!

*PR sample

— Coming Soon —