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29 Jul 2016

Finding Your Workout Motivation

Working out sounds like a great idea (and it is) and lots of us imagine ourselves slipping in an hour's workout into our day without much thought. While this sounds idea, it often is too good to be true. While the first few weeks of a workout routine may be met with drive and excitement, soon you'll probably be finding all sorts of excuses not to do it (that's okay, it's human nature). Whether you're too tired after a day at work or school, you're feeling under the weather, or you double-booked and hanging out with friends sounds like a lot more fun, there's an excuse for every occasion. So here're a few of my favourite tips to keep those of you in the 'walking-to-dinner-still-counts-as-excersie' category motivated to get back on your best workout game!

25 Jul 2016

Minimalist Skincare Regimen

I'm on the path to living more minimally and mindfully and whilst I'm pursuing this lifestyle I come across new areas of my life that could do with a little more editing. And recently my skincare regimen has been under the microscope.

4 Jul 2016

(Selfish) Benefits of Going Vegan

Being vegan is one of the best things I've ever done. But it seems to get a bad wrap amongst a lot of non-vegans, so aside from the ethical and environmental aspects, I'm going to share just a few (selfish) reasons I love being vegan.

1 Jul 2016

Being Authentic (and a Strange Epiphany)

I recently spent the afternoon with someone I hadn't met before. Everything seemed to be going fine (which is a massive relief to the heart-thumping-out-of-my-chest-at-meeting-anyone-new introvert I am), that is until I noticed what I was doing, and had been doing this whole time. I was self-deprecating. It wasn't as obvious as listing reasons he shouldn't be friends with me, but it was definitely in the air and I was certainly not showing my true colours. 

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