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20 Jun 2016

Avoid The Wellness Debt Cycle

With the increase of people taking better care of their health and wellbeing, companies have inevitably grabbed the opportunity to pump sales to those who are searching for products to enhance their experience. Couture leggings, powdered proteins, supplements you never knew you needed but now can't live without, step-counters that also tell you what you ate, drank, and did that day – incase you forgot – you name it, someone sells it... for a mean profit. 
Don't get me wrong, your health is the most vital thing in your life, but we don't need gadgets, widgets, and the latest spandex technology to boost our wellness game, and we certainly shouldn't  be relying on it.

In actuality, health and wellness in all forms (nutrition, exercise, meditation, self-exploration) existed before lycra – and even prepackaged, freeze-dried goji berries! Cave men and women were not sitting around waiting for the industrial boom to hit so that they could munch on kale chips whilst wearing Lululemon athleisurewear to feel good about themselves. We have these cushions of comfort as added privileges to make us "feel more motivated", make us look in better shape than we are whilst we're getting into better shape, or just to look good in pilates classes.

But these are not essentials.

We don't need those zebra-print yoga pants, the latest Nike Air Max trainers, an app that tells us when, where, how to exercise, or 'superfoods' that have been organically grown and sold at a toe-curling price. Granted, we are no longer living in the dark ages and our lives are no longer taken up with foraging for our next meal. We have modern lives consisting of jobs, hobbies, and relationships so exercise, for a lot of us, is no longer an innate part of our every day. But our health should be. 

All we need is a little more self-love.

If you want to get fit, eat better, meditate more– do it. All you need is drive, and that drive comes from within, not from a shop, supermarket, or app store. It comes from knowing that you are worth everything you can give yourself. 

You're worth

nutritious eating
building muscle
losing excess weight
taking time for yourself

You're worth optimum health.

and none of it – none of it – has to cost you more money.

— Coming Soon —