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6 May 2016

Improve Your Sleep

We can't survive without sleep and yet most of us aren't getting enough of it. We know it's good for us but the draws of modern technology (YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Netflix, I'm looking at you) are strong. If you can get off your computer that's great, but for those of us who find it hard to rip ourselves away, we can still infuse our bedroom with relaxation and calm to grab those extra winks.

Having a long, hot soak is one of my favourite pastimes and I love adding a bit of luxury courtesy of a bath bomb or a few drops of essential oils. If my body is feeling sore, achy, or in need of a good sleep, I'll pop in some epsom salts. Because they relax the muscles, stabilise blood sugar levels, and balance hormones, they're incredible at promoting deep sleep. And the affects are instant... I find myself feeling pretty dreamy as soon as my feet hit the floor (or slippers). For a bit more of a spa feel, I like to use the Spa Magic Deep Sleep Lavender Bath Salts* which make the bathroom smell divine and totally help to relax my muscles and mind.

Once out of the bath, I like to set the mood with candles, music, and some lovely scents – lavender in particular is a miracle worker when it comes to drifting off. Not only is it calming and soothing, but it is proven to reduces anxiety, stress, and insomnia. There are a few ways to get your fix of lavender including scenting your room with a spray or burning oils, using essential oils in your bath or as a face, body, and hair serum, and infusing lavender in your skincare products. I like to mist a pillow spray so that when I hit the pillow, a lavender aura surrounds me. I'm currently using the Miaroma Relaxing Lavender Sleep Mist* which comes in a lovely glass bottle (the details matter, guys). If, like me, you're totally in love with lavender and the pillow spray just isn't enough, an aromatherapy roller ball is a great way to boost the scent and keep it going throughout the night. I love the Tisserand Sweet Dreams Roller Ball* because it's infused with sandalwood, cedarwood, and jasmine to give it that authentic earthy smell. Apply the oil over your pulse points (which remain warm and keep the scent flowing) and you'll be having sweet dreams in no time.

I think we've all experienced the therapeutic affects of a good cup of tea and my favourite (besides the first of the day, of course) is the last of the day. I drink a variety of teas but at night I always opt for something calming and soothing to help me drift off. If you struggle to get to sleep, valerian is a totally natural herb that will help you get some much needed sleep. It comes in many forms, but I like to drink a valerian tea to soothe and unwind my body and mind together. I'm currently drinking Dr. Stuart's Valerian Plus*, which is infused with valerian root and hops to gently induce a peaceful nights sleep.

In short, lavender is a God-send. Spray it, burn it, rub it in... even soak yourself in it! Nature has a great way of returning to us when we need it most and reminding us that all we need is a a few drops of nature's remedies to bring us into alignment with ourselves again.

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