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15 Apr 2016

30 Things to Remove | Minimalism

If you're following my 30-day minimalism challenge, or if you just want a Spring clear-out but are  a little stuck, here are 30 pretty common hidden hoarded items we either can't bare to tackle or don't remember are even right under our noses. I hope this helps you get started / keep on the right track!

  1. clothes you wear less often
  2. duplicate items
  3. books you've read
  4. old paperwork
  5. unused beauty products
  6. excess stationary
  7. those cables you've forgotten the use of
  8. TV (if, like me, you pretty much only use the internet)
  9. sentimental items you don't actually like
  10. a gift you felt too guilty to chuck out
  11. ex-partner memorabilia
  12. out of date makeup
  13. clothes that don't fit
  14. something you look at and think "just in case"
  15. holiday decorations
  16. sticky nail polishes (find a new favourite colour)
  17. your least-worn sunglasses
  18. your least-worn handbag
  19. something that's broken
  20. theatre / gig / plane tickets
  21. bank statements (everything is online now)
  22. old or hole-y socks, bras, and knickers
  23. holiday greetings cards
  24. stained tea-towels, cushion covers, or throws
  25. an old collection (of wine bottles, game cards, stamps, mugs...)
  26. receipts
  27. cutlery / silverware (how many of each do you really need?)
  28. dead plants (unless you can revive them)
  29. jewellery you no longer wear
  30. the good-intentioned exercise equipment that didn't really work out

Remember to keep each other encouraged, uplifted, and motivated in the comments!

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