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4 Mar 2016

Things to do More of Every Day

Every day starts with open eyes and a fresh slate. But then, if we're not careful, life can quickly descend into something a little more chaotic and before we know it our day has run off with menial tasks and monotonous to-do lists. There always seems to be things to be 'getting on with', but entwined with the chaos are unseen moments of potential we can grab and take as our own. Even if that's just a moment to breathe and reconnect. So here's my list of some things to do every day to be happier, healthier, and brighter.
  • smile
  • drink (water)
  • move
  • look up (whether that's at the sky, out of the window, or up from your phone)
  • help someone
  • see the positive
  • be kind to yourself
  • be kind to others
  • give eye contact (to strangers)
  • do the things that make you happy
  • be alone
  • read
  • create
  • be with animals
  • think about what you're consuming (with your mind, body, and surroundings)
  • be silent
  • be open
  • stretch
  • do something silly
  • do those things you've had on your list (whether it's trying a new sport, catching up with an old friend, or finally getting around to watching that film)
  • do something for someone else
  • breathe (deeply)
  • be thankful
  • get rid of something unnecessary
  • write
  • cook
  • listen
  • check in with every part of your body
  • pamper yourself
  • let go
I encourage you to write your own little list of things that will make your day that little bit better. Not as yet another task list, but to start thinking about how you want to be spending your time, your day, your life. And see how many moments you can find in each day to achieve one, two, three, or all of them.

What do you do to add a little space in your day?

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