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1 Feb 2016

The Neti Pot

You might be asking 'what is this miniature teapot and how on earth can I use it on my face (and why would I want to)?'. I'm glad you asked.

This rather crudely-shaped little pot is designed to help clear out your nasal passages which, in turn, help reduce headaches, clear out bacteria and infections, and allow you to breathe clearly. It's also said to benefit your entire body by balancing the kappa dosha. Dosha is an Ayurvedic energy pattern the body transitions through every day - from earth and water (kapha) in the morning, to fire (pitta) in the afternoon, and finally air (vatta) in the evening (read more about it here, find out your main dosha here and let me know what yours is in the comments). 

The neti pot has had a recent resurge of popularity with people who are becoming drawn towards natural remedies that are going to benefit our bodies all around and not create side-effects that mean another trip to the GP. The neti pot is so simple and easy to use that it's hard to imagine not having it before. It's safe and gentle enough to use every day (many people use it in every mooring before mediation or yoga), or you can use it purely to flush out irritations, bacteria from a cold or flu, or when you feel a headache coming on.

So how do I use it? It's simple... all you need to do it mix 1tsp of salt with a pint of luke warm water and pour some into the neti pot. Then all you need to do it put the spout to your nostril and tip until you feel the water wash into your nasal passages and come out the other nostril. It sounds scary and intrusive at first, but trust me it feels great and you get use to it feeling slightly weird after a few tries. It's pretty simple really and once you've integrated it into your routine (I suggest doing it alongside oil pulling) you'll feel fresh in your body and mind every morning.

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