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29 Feb 2016

Minimalism as a Lifestyle

Minimalism is on the rise and I love that people are becoming more aware of their daily contribution to the world as well as living their own lives to the full. However it's often portrayed as a 'fashion trend' or a temporary decluttering.

Of course minimising your belongings and eradicating the 'I have nothing to wear!' struggle is part of it, but for me it goes a step further. Once the space is cleared and your time is spent enjoying the important things, you begin a sort of internal journey of finding what truly matters:

what brings you joy?
who are you without the stuff?
what do you want to surround yourself with? (non-materially, of course)
what direction(s) do you want to take in life?

It probably sounds quite heavy, but these are questions you'll subconsciously ask yourself in the process and probably answer without even knowing. With every item you decide to keep or not you're making a profound choice of where you're headed.

The process is the journey to yourself and the endgame is just another beginning.

You'll likely find that all aspects of your life connect and questions about just about everything will emerge. Looking back, I feel like my life has been a minimalist exploration. From exploring what matters most to me and what values I hold to finding who and what I want to hold onto and surrender.

Minimalism isn't about what you let go of, it's about what you keep a hold of - what is sacred to you?

Minimalism is a lifestyle. There are aspects of it that can be taken and used to fit anybody, which is one of the great and diverse elements of it, but to truly get the most out of it you must delve straight in. You may even be in the deep end before you've had the chance to think about it... it has a tendency to seduce people that way!

Where are you in your journey? Is minimalism for you?

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