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8 Feb 2016

Care-Free Parisian Hair

As someone who is pretty lazy when it comes to hairstyles (much to the bane of family, friends, and ex hair salon coworkers), it comes as a surprise that I'm now sitting down to write an entire post on it. However, given the recent fad for free, untamed, and even unruly Parisian-esque hair,  I find myself in my natural element. 

Although I'm in love with the bed-head look, it doesn't come naturally to my glossy, limp head of hair. Having hypermobility as part of POTS /  Ehlers Danlos means my hair is ridiculously soft which, as I understand it, is sought after by many women but as the grass is always greener, I have always craved rough, messy, textured hair. So, for me, this has been more of a curse than a blessing. Bleaching my hair has been the best method of adding volume and texture as it opens up the cuticles and shocks the hair so that it no longer lies completely flat.

If you want care-free, dishevelled hair, the best thing you can do it... nothing. Just leave it as is. However, if you have hair like mine that lacks any degree of life, you may want to use a few products that help give a little extra lift and texture. I'm not talking mousse (that always weighs me hair down) or hairspray (that gives a certain crispiness to my hair), but a little something that will feel and look effortless and add just an extra 10 seconds into your routine.

Having tried and not completely fallen in love with a few Bumble & Bumble products already, I was a bit dubious when it came to trying a creme - this sounded thick and heavy to me. But after the first use of the Bumble & Bumble Texture I was hooked. It's thick and tacky in the hand but as soon as it's transferred onto the hair it becomes undetectable... don't ask me how they do this magic. I add around a penny-sized amount onto my palm, rub my hands together, and scrunch it through my hair from root to tip. I'll leave it for 5-10 minutes whilst I apply my skincare and get dressed before rough-drying my hair. The silica is the holy ingredient for me, keeping oil at bay and adding weightlessness. It's also has sorbitol, hydrolyzen algin, and chlorella vulgaris extract in the mix which help to keep the hair moisturised without feeling heavy.

When I have more time to let me hair dry naturally I'll use Bumble & Bumble Don't Blow It which gives a similar result but let's me give my hair a bit of a break from the heat. It still adds texture and a weightless feel but also protects the hair against UVA and UVB rays. This is going to be my perfect no-hassle, Parisian-esque hair product of summer 2016... I just need this grey London weather to warm up!

*This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own and all products were bought with my own money.

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