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25 Jan 2016

What's In My [Minimalist] Handbag?

If you follow me on social media (TwitterInstagramPinterestFacebook... even Snapchat @sophieollis) you will have seen me ranting and raving about my Matt & Nat bag. It's simple design is beautiful and also incredibly practical (don't believe people who say you can't have both). A minimalistic lifestyle isn't just about having a monochrome wardrobe, it's a lifestyle that prioritises space, function, and necessity so that life can run smoothly and attention can be placed on what is important. This extends to every aspect of life... including your handbag.

After recently purging my handbag collection, I realised I needed something with multi-functionality. I wanted a bag I could use throughout the day and also take out with me in the evenings. This meant it had to be large enough to contain my essentials for everyday life, but small enough it wouldn't bulk up an evening outfit. It would have to be simple in design so that it could work well with anything I wear (let's be real... it had to be black). And it had to be cruelty-free.

Once I knew what I wanted, it was only a matter of hunting it down. I eventually locked eyes on the perfect bag for me - the Matt and Nat Triplet bag. This perfectly formed little gem ticked all of my boxes.

We all know the best thing about a new handbag is putting everything in it! Thankfully the Triplet has three separate compartments (come on guys, it's in the name). The front contains my phone and oyster card for easy access and also has a small pouch where I keep a chapstick and a lip colour. The middle section contains my keys and earphones, and the back division is an in-built purse where I can slot in my cards and cash. How easy is that?! No more rummaging in the depths of an oversized, under-pocketed beast of a bag!

Since living with this bag I can't believe what a faff I use to put up with. No more rummaging for the right change. No more standing outside my door, fingertips feeling for my keys amongst the carnage. No more untangling of my earphones. Simply put (as it should be), my day has less chaos in it.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci

— Coming Soon —