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11 Jan 2016

Feeling Isolated As A Blogger

Sitting at home in front of a luminous screen, whether it be your job or hobby, isn't the best way to make real-life friends. In fact, it can eat into your social time and become quite isolating. I'm sure anyone who has a blog, or similar online presence, knows this feeling and how tough it can be to meet new faces.

As an introvert who also happens to be full-time blogging, life can be pretty solitary for the most part. I confess this is largely my choice and even though I enjoy going out I do crave alone-time. I think that perhaps those who are drawn to the internet as a hub of safe self-expression are often introverted by nature, but there is a calling in all of us, regardless of where you sit on the introvert-extrovert scale, to be with others. And choosing to live and work alone doesn't allow for much time to experience that.

That is why this year I will be putting myself out there (however terrifying it may be at first) to attend blogger meets, connect with the bloggers who inspire me, and be open to all extra-circular blogging activities. I know that the blogging community is such a great place to meet creative, inspiring, committed people and where better to take motivation from? I attended my first blogger hang-out last year and, although my inner wallflower was in full swing, I left feeling uplifted and motivated. That's what I want more of in 2016.

Here's to being alone together.

— Coming Soon —