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25 Jan 2016

What's In My [Minimalist] Handbag?

If you follow me on social media (TwitterInstagramPinterestFacebook... even Snapchat @sophieollis) you will have seen me ranting and raving about my Matt & Nat bag. It's simple design is beautiful and also incredibly practical (don't believe people who say you can't have both). A minimalistic lifestyle isn't just about having a monochrome wardrobe, it's a lifestyle that prioritises space, function, and necessity so that life can run smoothly and attention can be placed on what is important. This extends to every aspect of life... including your handbag.

18 Jan 2016

Morning Rituals To Get Motivated

I have convinced myself that I am not a morning person most of my life when actually I have just never given myself a productive morning routine. I've recently taken steps to remedy that and now I look forward to my alarm. Sound crazy? I wouldn't have believed it either a few months ago.

11 Jan 2016

Feeling Isolated As A Blogger

Sitting at home in front of a luminous screen, whether it be your job or hobby, isn't the best way to make real-life friends. In fact, it can eat into your social time and become quite isolating. I'm sure anyone who has a blog, or similar online presence, knows this feeling and how tough it can be to meet new faces.

4 Jan 2016

A Case For Binning Your Concealer

Whether it's a cream, powder, mineral, or liquid concealer, I always feel like it just doesn't blend perfectly. There's always a giveaway that screams "I'm trying to cover up a spot!" which often draws more attention than the blemish itself. So I've been doing without concealer for a fair few months now and have, contrary to my predictions, felt more confident in my skin. This has been a very welcome side-effect and has made me make the decision to abolish concealer for the long haul.

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