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27 Jul 2015

How To Make Your Foundation Look Better

When buying a new foundation that promises all we've ever wanted (even skintone, just enough coverage, the perfect satin finish, staying power...), we have such high expectations so it's no wonder we all own 2, 3, 4, even more foundations for different occasions, seasons, even times of the month. But the trick to getting the most out of your foundation is not to slap on and pray, but to take a few extra steps to making sure you get all that you want. Simply, a foundation alone won't give you complexion perfection, but you can step up your base game to seal the deal.

20 Jul 2015

The Duty Free Picks

Whilst going on holiday is always exciting, the early morning wake up calls (hello 3am) and 3-hour-long waits at the stale-aired airports are a little less so (although, retrospectively, it's all part of the fun and romance of it). So they've strategically placed the best-loved shops right under your nose to tempt you... well done, consumerism. This time it got the better of me and I caved, coming out with a few beauts in the process.

— Coming Soon —