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10 May 2015

Daily Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes seem to have had a boom. Since the launch of the realTechniques brushes, new collections have been popping up left, right, and centre. Brushes have never been more in demand. Gone are the days of the powder puff as we're now using different brushes for every product! I know I've got more brushes than is probably appropriate, especially as I like to use as few as possible to keep the makeup-application time to a minimum.
Here are the brushes I reach for on a daily basis.


I am a total addict for the bareMinerals Original Foundation (if you frequent this blog you're probably sick to death of hearing about it already) and the only brush for this job in the bareMinerals foundation brush. It somehow makes the application flawless, never depositing too much but always enough to cover any imperfections and redness. If, however, I'm using a liquid foundation I'll always choose the realTechniques Buffing Brush. It's dense so crates a really precise application and is super soft and perfect for blending.


If I'm not using my fingers, I'll use the realTechniques Detailer Brush. It's perfectly tapered so you have precise application and the bristles are long enough that you can blend it out softly without removing the product. This is also great for concealing dark spots, scarring, redness around the nose,  defining around the lips or highlighting under the brows.

Powder / Bronzer

This has to be the realTechniques Blush Brush. Although the name suggests otherwise, it's ideal for bronzer if you're not looking for a severe contour but want a healthy bronzed glow about you. It's small enough to keep the product to designated areas (i.e. the cheek bones, forehead, and nose bridge), while being fluffy enough to blend out to perfection.


The realTechniques stippling brush is the only brush I ever use for blush. It's perfectly dense without depositing too much colour (because of the dual fibres) and blends perfectly without dragging the product all over the face. Perfection.


For highlighter it's got to be the realTechniques Contour Brush. I know I'm not using these blushes for their intended uses - call me a rebel - but is this brush it perfect for creating that contoured line, it's perfect for creating that highlighted line, too... you know the one, just across the top of the cheekbones. Having oily skin means I tend to use a power highlight and this brush makes it very quick and simple to apply the perfect amount without needing to squish the brush so that we don't get highlighter all over our faces (we've all done it).


Nothing beats the MAC 217 for perfect blending and all-over-the-lid application. When I'm in a hurry I'll sweep a neutral colour or two all over and be done with it, and when I have more time I'll use the bareMinerals Tapered Eyeshadow brush to deposit colours across the lid and into the crease and blend out with the 217. Perfect pair.

What're your go-to makeup brushes for an every day face?

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