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29 Mar 2015

What's It All About? | Primers

'Primer' seems to be the new buzz word, like 'kale' or 'gluten-free', and although more of us are using them, many of us still don't know what it's all about. Primers have crossed the skincare boarder and branched themselves out to haircare, too. But why are we all suddenly primer-mad?

Although commonly thought to have one purpose, primers actually hold multiple benefits which is great for lazy (or efficient, as I like to say) people like me. I like to tackle multiple issues at once and get the most out of the fewest products so something that promises multi-uses is going to be swiftly thrown into my shopping basket.

Having oily skin means that my main makeup concern is keeping it on! Long-wear foundations, powders, and setting sprays adorned, I'm still in need of a touch-up or two thought the day, particularly if I'm going from work to do. However, when I discovered the world of primers I found the missing piece. Of course putting things on top of my makeup want going to stick it down. Adding a layer between the skin and makeup id going to seal it in (like butter in a sandwich... trust me to think of a truly unglamorous, food-related metaphor).

If you have dry skin a good primer is also ideal for flattening down those flakes of skin and evening out those red patches before applying foundation. This means that your makeup will last longer, even on dry patches whiter you'd normally expect it to flake off, look even and more natural, and you'll need less makeup to cover those red areas. What's not to love?

If you have normal / combination skin, you'll benefit from all of the above and no matter which way your skin is going that day (dry, oily, a combination of both), you'll be covered. Quite literally. 

Hair primers are also great at targeting multiple issues. For someone like me who doesn't like to fuss longer than 5 minutes with her hair, the primer will quickly become your HG. Not only does it detangle and de-frizz but it prepares the hair for heat and additional products if you're styling. However, I like to use it alone or with a texturing creme and be done with it. It allows me to keep the bed-head look without going overboard with tangles and fly-aways and also cuts down on the time it'd usually take me to brush through my hair. It's the no-fuss product of the century.

What's your favourite primer? How do you use it?

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