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3 Mar 2015

5 Product Face

Some mornings I love getting creative with makeup, treating my face like a blank canvas and preparing it for the day ahead; deciding on a bold eye or lip, cool tones or warm, contoured or natural. Other days I don't want to go near the stuff and feel like my skin needs a breather. If I still need to look somewhat put together, I only use what's 'necessary' (disclaimer: no makeup is necessary and if you want to go bare, rock it. For those of us who feel a little more coverage / emphasising is in order, carry on reading).

I'll always start with the base because it is often a trouble area for me. Instead of using a concealer, which can look strange on its own, I'll use a light mineral powder. This'll add evenness to the skin without being too heavy and still lets the skin breathe. My favourite, as I'm sure you know by now, is the bareMinerals Original SPF Foundation. It's light, looks natural, and feels like you've got nothing on. Perfect for the 'no makeup makeup' days.

I'll then brush a little bronzer over the cheeks and temples. I'm currently using Soap and Glory's Solar Powder which gives a light, warm glow to the complexion without looking heavy. This is not the time for contouring, but adding a little all over or on the high points of the face will give a little warmth.

I always go straight to brows after my base because they add the biggest difference to the overall look, framing the rest of the face and making you look more put together. I adore Anastiasia Beverly Hills brow makeup; I've been a Brow Wiz fan for ages and have recently taken the plunge into the DipBrow Pomade. This is a little heavier and creates a more defined, bold brow. I love the look of minimal makeup with a striking brow, it's like a modern take on the bold eyes or red lip and really reminds me of an effortless French style.

I like to add a bit of colour to the eyelids before applying mascara, otherwise it can look a little odd (is that just me?). Perhaps it's because I have fairly pale skin so the transition from my natural lid colour to jet black lashes can be too harsh. So I smudge over a dab of creamy shadow to cause more of a transition and add emphasis. I sweep this all over the top lid, a little above the crease, and slightly under lower lash line. My current go-to is Maybelline's Colour Tattoo Leather Look in Creamy Beige. It's a lovely muted taupe colour and has great staying power. It's super easy to blend with a finger so is perfect for a quick and easy look. 

Then, of course, is mascara. I don't believe there is a makeup regimen out there that doesn't include it... It's the piste de resistance of every look. I add just a few light coats to the top and bottom lashes to widen the eyes. My favourite is the Mally Volumising Mascara (it's not easy to find in the UK, but it's totally worth the search if you can get your hands on it).

Et voila!

Easy peasy and only takes about 3 minutes. It's great to lighten up the makeup every now and then just to give the skin a little break and show yourself that you really can look and feel great without piling it on.

What would your top 5 products be?

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