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29 Mar 2015

What's It All About? | Primers

'Primer' seems to be the new buzz word, like 'kale' or 'gluten-free', and although more of us are using them, many of us still don't know what it's all about. Primers have crossed the skincare boarder and branched themselves out to haircare, too. But why are we all suddenly primer-mad?

3 Mar 2015

5 Product Face

Some mornings I love getting creative with makeup, treating my face like a blank canvas and preparing it for the day ahead; deciding on a bold eye or lip, cool tones or warm, contoured or natural. Other days I don't want to go near the stuff and feel like my skin needs a breather. If I still need to look somewhat put together, I only use what's 'necessary' (disclaimer: no makeup is necessary and if you want to go bare, rock it. For those of us who feel a little more coverage / emphasising is in order, carry on reading).

1 Mar 2015

Designing Your Dream Blog

Creating and up-keeping a blog is a great way to express yourself, not only with words and photographs but the overall look of your website. The instant feeling you get when visiting a site is going to determine within seconds whether you're or not you're in sync with the designer and you want to be sure your blog reflects and emphasises your creativity, style, and personality.

— Coming Soon —