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17 Feb 2015

Why You Should Epilate

There are many - oh, so many - ways of removing our bodily hair nowadays from shaving and waxing to tweezing and laser-ing, we seem to always be looking for the most effective way to get rid of that hair in favour of smooth,  naked skin. I like my legs both hair-free and hassle-free, so I've long since ditched the razor and wax and opted for something far less time-consuming and far more effective.

Enter: The Epilator.

I've tried about as many methods of de-hairing as the next person but I always found with each that there are major pitfalls. Shaving means stubbly re-growth and constant upkeep that leaves my skin dry and irritated, waxing means having smooth skin for one week and then having to wait for long enough regrowth for another wax for the other three weeks of the month, and lasers means money, money, money.

This is where epilation is different:

It pinches out the hairs in the same way as tweezing does, so it's removed from the root. That means your skin will be as smooth as possible. It also means the hairs will grow back softer and lighter each time so you can wave goodbye to stubble and sore, itchy regrowth. I go weeks without having to do anything because the hairs are having to grow back from the root, which takes longer than just cutting them off from the skin surface. You'll also find that it seems you have less hair. That's because hairs grow in cycles (like crops) and so only half of the hairs will grow together whilst the others lay dormant. Brilliant, right?

Why it's ideal even for sensitive skin:

I have highly sensitive skin and as a teenager I struggled with skin irritations from razor burns and even ended up with eczema covering my lower legs. Red, sore, itchy, and inflamed, I searched for another option, which is when I discovered epilation. It seems harsh, mainly because of the it's noise, but it's actually fairly gentle (considering it's purpose - I mean, your skin is never going to love hair removal). I haven't suffered with any irritations since and my legs are now smooth as a baby's bum. 

My favourite things about epilation:

- you can use it as little as once a month

- your hairs will become finer and softer (and if you're blonde like me, barely even visible)

- it's super quick and easy (it takes about the same amount of time as shaving without having to get lathered up in the shower)

- it's perfect for sensitive skin (no irritations, burns, or marks)

- you can say goodbye to stubble for good!

- no more ingrown hairs

- it's affordable (after the one-off payment for the devise you'll never have to spend another penny - I've had mine for over 8 years)

Have you tried epilation? Will you?

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