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8 Feb 2015

How To Clean Makeup Brushes

Cleaning my makeup brushes is not my favourite past time. I try to stick to doing it once a fortnight but it never goes to plan and I end up either forgetting or sighing a the thought of it and leaving it another day (week). So I've found the most convenient way of doing it that takes hardly any time at all and yet is the most effective method I've found.

The Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap is a mix of natural oils that deep cleans without stripping. You can use it for just about anything from shampoo and body wash to cleaning your floorboards and kitchen tiles. It's great stuff that doesn't harm your skin or leave a horrid chemically smell in the air. Because it's make up of oils, it's perfect for cleaning makeup brushes, too. As we know, oils are the best was of removing oils (kind of like cleaning red wine with white). So, in order to get the mucky makeup, dust, and, most importantly, oils out of my brushes, Dr. Bronner is the perfect fit.

I also have a little soap tray that is ideal for the job. The lettering is embossed so it is raised forming ridges perfect for giving the brushes a little extra clean. It also has drain holes to let the dirty water out. Ideal, really.

So, I begin by wetting the brushes with warm water (if it's cold it won't wash the oils out thoroughly and if it's too hot it'll damage the fibres). I add a little soap to the dish and begin swirling. This is my favourite part because it really shows how much product is trapped inside... the water runs all sorts of colours! One wash should be enough but I usually give my foundation brush another going over just to make sure. 

*tip: make sure your brushes are always facing downwards (hence the dish), so that the soap and water don't mix in with the bristle glue and your brushes are kept in tact.

Lay them all out with enough room to air and keep them elevated slightly at the handles so the water drains away. I keep mine on a flannel to absorb the water. I give them a little swirl on the cloth and re-shape them so as they dry they keep their shape and by morning the'll be dry.

Et voila! 

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