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15 Feb 2015

Brands Worth the Penny

There are so many products out there (and increasingly more) that it can be difficult to keep up, let alone find a place to stash them! We all have our vices (I covet skincare and lipsticks), but are we just falling for the hype of a new, shiny product that'll soon be yesterday's news? Of course, as a beauty blogger, there will always be a few of these in the mix but to help lessen the drooling and dribbling over the new season releases of, well, pretty much all things beauty, it's important to narrow down your agenda by knowing what brands work for you. Here're the ones that have my stamp of approval:

Stila is the perfect example of knowing good quality from the outset. I don't own many Stila cosmetics but everything I have from them is stunning and goes above and beyond what I imagined. Their shadows are creamy, highly pigmented, and don't budge (something that is a must for us oily-skinned gals). They have a wonderful way of making me feel elegant and well put together without having to spend the time on it. I've always got a Convertible Colour to hand.

bareMinerals has quickly made it to the top of my list of makeup I adore. The Original SPF Foundation skyrocketed it... I just can't get enough of that stuff! I wear it every work day because I know it leaves my skin looking very natural and glowing and yet somehow has amazing coverage. I honestly don't know how they do it. The best part is that my skin won't break out as it can still breathe and I feel as if I'm not wearing any foundation at all. The whole range of products is made to be very minimal and natural (which I love) and they do it so incredibly well. I would honestly recommend this brand to anyone with any skin type or concerns.

I'm always snooping to see what's new on the Bourjois shelves at Boots. They're always on point with their products and I have yet to be disappointed by a single one. It seems to me that they have a great research team because their colours and shades are always spot on and don't just product an item hoping the brand name will sell it. The Solar Powder bronzer is my recent fave, being the ideal not-too-orange and not-too-grey warm toned shade that comes in two depths so you can swirl to your perfect match. The lip colours have great pigmentation and lasting power whilst the Healthy Mix foundations are some of my all time favourites.

Max Factor
Max Factor won my heart when I was still looking for the perfect drugstore mascara as a teen. Thinking they all just made my lashes spidery I was elated when I chance-discovered Max Factor's False Lash Effect. I used it solely for years and still always go back to it when in an emergency. I've always found their eyeshadows and lip products highly pigmented with great staying power, too. Guys, if you're looking for easy-application, fast-payoff, stay-all-day makeup at an affordable price, Max Factor is your guy.

Essie are my go-to brand for nail polishes. They last the longest before chipping, have an extensive range of colours, and a great formula and brush that makes application super quick and easy. I only ever need one or two coats before the colour is true to the bottle and it leaves a lovely gloss on top of the nail. If only I could have a shelf of them at home like the brightly-lit ones in Boots.

Avene has become more of a medical treatment than a beauty brand to me. It's got such soothing qualities that I always gravitate towards it when I've gone overboard with the exfoliators (the Recovery Cream helped to no end) or had a bad reaction to a new product. When I have a skin concern, Avene is my first port of call. It's perfect for sensitive or irritated skin and has the best ingredients. 

Indeed Labs
Indeed Labs are fairly new to me (bought my first product about six months ago), but I am loving it and have been using the Pepta-Bright and Hydraluron Serum as part of my day / night routines. I find the formulas to be gentle on the skin (so great for us sensitive ones) but really effective if used consistently. When it comes to skincare, I'd much rather use something like this than a product that's going to give instant gratification but is too harsh or the results don't last. Indeed Labs, I'm converted.

Bumble and Bumble
Although Bumble and Bumble are at the top of my budget when it comes to haircare (I'd rather invest in my skin), their products are undoubtedly some of my favourites and overall have my highest stamp of approval. I've been loving their products from the Sunday Shampoo to the Texture Creme. Having oily, limp hair means I'm pretty terrified of adding products to the mess and usually end up with heavy, lifeless hair if I do. Bumble products, however, seem to be weightless and don't give you that sticky, tacky texture. They're an overall win for me.

What brands do you consider a head above the rest?

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