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8 Jan 2015

The Brow Game

Having big, beautiful, bold brows is all the rage yet again and I've been playing with different ways of getting my sisters (not twins) up to scratch. I've tried and tested powders, gels, and pencils and have finally found my perfect technique. So here you go (you're welcome):

My brows don't have any natural definite shape, and so I always start by outlining very lightly with my Anastasia Brow Wiz so I know exactly where to fill in (like a kid and a colouring book). This helps give definition to your brows and frame the rest of your face. I like mine to look as natural as possible, but if you want a bolder look, just press a little harder to create a harsher line.

I then start to fill in the middle with feather-strokes to keep it looking like hairs rather than a block look. Leave a few small spaces uncoloured to keep it looking natural. 

I then create a few light, long strokes along the tail of my brows. I have very few hairs here so I keep it light but the affect is strong.

I lightly and very carefully begin to add small upward strokes at the beginning of each brow. This is where my brows go a little wild and look nothing alike so I try to tidy them slightly and have them look a little less afraid of each other. This step only needs 3 or 4 strokes per brow for me but, again, if you want a bolder look feel free to keep going.

I'll then go over the brows very lightly with the brush to blend out any harsh lines. I focus this on the beginning of each brow as this is where things can look a little werid if applied too heavily.

I finish off with a few coats of the Benefit Gimme Brow. This is a few shades lighter than the Brow Wiz so gives another dimension, ultimately giving a more natural, 3-dimentional look. It also acts as a holding gel so that your brows stay in place all day (and the illusion can be kept under wraps!).

What's your favourite way to brow?

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