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20 Jan 2015

The Best Eyelash Curlers

I have been consistently underwhelmed by eyelash curlers for years. Having fairly long and naturally curled lashes (thank you, genes) the only affect these contraptions had on my routine was to bend my lashes at a harsh right-angle and help smear my mascara all over my top lid. It's fair to say I was not a fan.


Now that I've given the lash curlers one more pop I am a convert. Deciding it was worth testing a higher-end brand before completely packing it in, I opted for Shu Uemura. With no visible difference to the others, this magical devise somehow gives a natural curl to the lashes that leaves the eyes looking larger, brighter, and more awake. No more weirdly bent out of shape hairs to be seen, instead beautifully curled lashes that help open up the eyes and hold a curl all day long. I have since chucked out all my others and use these religiously each time I apply makeup form a simple just-popping-out mascara and lip balm look to a more glam evening style.

Worth the hype? I'd say so... and that's coming from a previous scorner of lash contraptions.

So if you're not getting the whole eyelash curler 'thing' or are in the market for new ones, I'd highly recommend giving these a whirl. 

Have you tried these bad boys yet? What do you think?

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