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18 Jan 2015

Sunday Market | Queens Park

Alongside getting healthier and happier in 2015 comes trying new ways of keeping active and enjoying the small things in life. I've started a more regular routine of going to yoga classes and, luckily, just around the corner from the studio on a Sunday is one of my favourite markets; Queens Park Farmers' Market.
My new Sunday routine consists of going to a morning class and then heading over to the market to pick up some fruit, veggies, and the occasional pot of soup or slice of vegan chocolate cake (everything in moderation, right?). Last week my camera joined me at the market and although it's was a lot smaller than usual because everyone was still in a Christmas coma, the fresh produce was a welcoming sight to my I'm-meant-to-be-hybernating sleepy eyes. So I thought I'd share some snaps with you.

On entering the market there's a whole lotta bread stands (and throughout to be honest)! If your fitness downfall is carbs, like me, try to avoid these (unless you're taking photographs for a blogpost!). Everything looks and sounds delicious and I'd probably not make it home without tearing into a croissant or two.

If your New Year resolution was to eat healthier to shed a few pounds, I'd also avoid gazing at the incredible-looking cake stands. Mixing so many mouth-watering flavours they make your stomach gargle on sight, this cake stall is one to visit (or avoid, depending on your self-restraint).

If you're eyeing up these cakes and wondering if they're vegan, I am sad to tell you they are not. However, if you move through the market a few stalls down, there is a beast of a vegan chocolate cake that I can testify (I was going to write taste-ify but I'm not that cheesy - excuse the vegan pun) is a beaut. I tend to have a stop-off at this stall and, if it's not completely sold out, pick up one of these for a Sunday treat.

On of my favourite things to pick up from a market is fresh bread. What's better than a powdery, crunchy crust of bread with a soft, gooey middle? Throw in some olives, nuts, or fruit and I'll be handing over the cash quicker than you can say "get in my belly".

But nothing goes better with a crusty cob than a homemade soup. And these are some of my favourite, namely the beetroot, apple, and horseradish and carrot, ginger, and lime. Low in salt, fat, and calories as well as stocking vegan and gluten-free soups, you can't feel guilty for picking up a lazy Sunday soup (or stocking up for post-work dinners in the week). 

No winters morning market is complete without some multi-coloured root vegetables to oogle. Perfect for a roasting or adding into soups and stews, squash are a cold-weather staple. Perhaps too heavy to peddle home with on my bike, but beautiful non-the-less!

I love to stock up on fresh fruit and veggies for my morning green smoothies and to add a few more vitamins and minerals to my meals. Kale is so versatile (add it to smoothies, make kale chips, or steam it for a nutritious side or main salad) and I eat it most days of the week. Sprouts and cabbage are some of my favourite greens and so I stock up whilst they're still in season. I like to buy as much from locally-grown sources as possible and these bad boys are recently picked so are as fresh and nutritious as possible.

Don't forget to grab yourself an apple juice on your way out. Just thinking of these again is making my mouth water. So rich in flavour and naturally sweet, you'll never buy shop-bought again.

What's your favourite way to spend a winters Sunday? 

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