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13 Jan 2015

Nailed It

This time of year always gets me in the mood to have a well-painted nail. For me the gloomy weather means a purely monochrome wardrobe and so to bring a little colour and interest I like to accent with polishes.

Nails Inc have been getting a lot of love from me recently, particularly after receiving a few new shades for Christmas. Admittedly the longevity isn't great, but whack on a  topcoat and I can forgive because the colours are stunning. My go-to nude shade has been Porchester Square which looks very classy and goes with every outfit. It's a beautiful not-too-cool, not-too-warm shade and I'm sure I'll be wearing it all year round.

Hampstead Heath, also from Nails Inc, has been a firm favourite for many years. It's the perfect wine red shade with warm blue undertones that screams to be worn in autumn and winter. I've tried my fair share of red nails but I also find myself coming back to this one (and reapplying for weeks!). Sadly this colour has been discontinued but I found a seller here.

Essie always have a great range of colours and one of my all time favourites is Midnight Cami. It's a deep, rich blue that every minimalist needs in their collection. It's dark without being black so if you're a monochrome dresser like me and want to wear colour on your nails without going garish, this is the one to try.

Nails Inc's Queensgate Mews has probably been my favourite so far this year. It's a rich berry colour that looks almost black until you're it up close and personal. Because it's not actually black it looks a little more sophisticated and a little less rebellious teenager. I love slapping on a darker colour because I always accessorise with silver which adds a nice contrast.

What've been your favourite nail colours this winter?

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