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11 Jan 2015

Making Time to Blog

My number one goal for 2015 is to keep a regular posting schedule because I believe it to be the most important thing to keep focused, current, and on track. I decided that if I wanted to see real growth I'd have to stick to regular posting dates, otherwise I'd find myself pushing it aside for another time when
I 'felt like it'. And with 100 other things on my to-do list, that seemed to come around once in a blue moon. So, in order to keep myself on track, I set up a week-by-week schedule that'll, fingers crossed, be my slingshot into a more creative, polished, and proactive blog and YouTube channel.

Here're my tips to keep on track:

set weekly goals
Setting myself weekly goals is game-changing. I have been posting when I get the time and when the urge strikes, but that doesn't seem to come around too often and when I'm faced with choosing to sit at desk and blog or have a post-work pamper evening and watch a film I tend to choose the latter. Fortunately I have settled into my job (which I began in August) and have found routine in my week so can clearly see when I have the spare time to commit to Soph's Choices.

be realistic
To ensure I'm meeting each goal I set regular, doable deadlines throughout the week. I don't want to overload myself with daunting tasks that I'll struggle with and that suck the fun out of it for me. I'll be dedicating three days a week to Soph's Choices (two days here, one day on video content), giving myself one day off a week. It'll be a lot of work but utterly rewarding and totally worth it.

make it visual
It's easy to get distracted and forget... well, most things (out of sight, out of mind), but now that I have my weekly targets printed in stark black and white I don't have any excuse. Keeping a visual diary not only means I'll have a constant reminder but the mere act of writing it down burns it onto my brain. With my Moleskine, wall planner, and phone and laptop calendars, I'm taking no chances and can make adjustments and notes wherever I am.

treat it like a job
None of this means a thing, however, unless I take it completely seriously. If I'm not totally committed I may as well not have started in the first place and that means not allowing for petty interferences. If I regularly turn up at my job late or don't show up at all that day, it would not be acceptable. And being my own manager should be no different. I have to be stringent with myself in order that I remain on the right track and don't derail. I like to remember that if you want something, you have to act as if it's already so. I'd love nothing more than to one day wake up and be my own boss, having Soph's Choices my total focus and source of living, so I have to be as if that's already the case. And maybe one day it will be.

How do you schedule in your blogging time? Do you have new goals set for 2015?

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