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1 Jan 2015

Glow through Winter

The cold, damp, grey winter weather is usually reflected in our skin and so to keep that summer dew and glow alive here are some simple steps to add to your daily regimen:

To get rid of dull, lifeless skin we must gently buff it away with an exfoliant. These come in many forms (abrasive, chemical, acidic, natural, manual...) so see what works best for you and use once to twice a week to enjoy fresh, glowing skin regularly.

...but not too much
Be careful not too over-exfoliate otherwise you could end up damaging the skin surface (or deeper), causing it to chap or scab (not the look we were going for). Be sure to cafefully test each new product on your hand, neck, or small portion of your face before going all out. Once you've found your perfect exfoliant, use sparingly and no more than twice a week. We don't want to irritate the skin, just help the dull, dead skin buff away and the new, softer underlayers come through. I love using my usual cleanser and and gently wiping it away in circular motions with a warm flannel for an easy exfoliation. If you have sensitive skin, this is an excellent method.

Mask up
Masks are a great way to inject some moisture into your skin on a deeper level than you'd get just from applying a moisturiser. There are some great masks out there (check out my Masks that Work post) but homemade ones are just as good (sometimes better) so get experiemting with things like honey, vitamin e oil, porridge oats, and bananas for some intensive moisture. With these homemade mixtures there's no limit to how much you should apply (the more the merrier!) but with shop-bought masks make sure you read the label as they may include ingredients not meant for daily use.

Stay hydrated
Of course this is in here. It's the simplest, easiest, and most common way to stay glowy. And yet most of us find it the most difficult to keep up with! While we'll happily spend an hour pampering ourselves, we often overlook the most important and beneficial way to give our skin (and whole body) a helping hand. More water not only means better skin, but better digstion, a faster metabolism, more energy, a better night's sleep, and reduced stress (to name a few). So even if you think you drink plenty, try increasing the amount of water you drink on a daily basis (this does not include any other drink, even tea) and lets all see the results! 

Keep it liquid
Whether it's foundation, blush, or highlighter, making sure you reach for a liquid over a powder will give you a much more dewy look. These products are not only great for the summer months but keep you glowing all through winter when our skin is lacking it's natural luminosity. Where powders instantly mattify and absorb moisture (the thing that keeps our skin looking fresh), liquids reflect light (even if there's only a little) and keep us looking radiant. 

What're your favourite ways of staying flake-free in winter?

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