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15 Jan 2015

Give 'em the Boot

I'm a sun-worshiper through and through but, when it comes to style, I'm all about the Autumnal look. I love dressing in cosy chunky knits and shoes (check out my Autumn must-haves post here), and I always look forward to slipping my feet into something a bit snugglier.
I love the look of chunky shoes and think they're incredibly flattering on every woman. The oversized look makes the legs look leaner and the body well-proportioned. So here are my favourite chunky shoes for Winter 2015.

The Classic Chelsea
Classic, effortless, and goes with pretty much anything. I like to pair mine with skinny jeans and a loose-fit top or thick socks, skirt, and jumper combo. These boots have come back in style full swing this Winter and are adorning shoe shop windows all over town, but after searching high and low for the perfect pair I finally found my glass slipper. I had tried countless pairs but they were always either the wrong fit, shape, or quality and hurt my feet. Then I remembered an old favourite shoe shop and headed straight over. My feet found their new home. Jones Bootmaker has such great quality classic shoes (men and womens) and they have never failed to impress me. 

The Bootie
This pair (also from Jones Bookmaker) is for when you want a little more height but want to keep it casual. The small heel means you get the feeling and slight height of wearing heels without the tripping anxieties and blisters. I love the mid-toned grey colour and stitching details. I wear these on casual Sundays and with a smarter look during the working week.

The Casual Boot
I reach for these, padded with a thick thermal sock, on those bleakest of bleak days. Perfect for London's rain storms and sleety winters, the grip means I won't be sliding down the tube stairwells this time and I don't even have to be wearing hiking boots. I love the ankle height of these boots, they pair nicely with a rolled-up trouser and the brown colour makes a nice change from my otherwise monotone shoe collection.

The Evening Boot
When it comes to going out in winter, I dread even thinking about what to put on my feet. There's little that goes with a nicely put together evening outfit that'll also keep you warm (just imagine all those cocktail dresses accented by UGGs), but thankfully the heeled boot came into my life. The heel isn't as chunky so looks slightly more elegant than a boot boot and the suede material looks a bit more luxe. 

What are your favourite shoes for winter?

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