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6 Jan 2015

3 Tips to Keep Fit without Hitting the Gym

Keep it Moving
Living and working in London means the hustle and bustle of the city can become a little overwhelming, particularly on a winters morning, and it can be far too easy to just ride with it and become another statue on the underground escalators.
But to get your heart rate up (which will in turn give you more energy and a faster metabolism), keep those feet moving and climb the escalators. You'll not only get our destination quicker but you'l be shedding the pounds, too, especially if, like me, you make this journey often. If you wear heels to work, try leaving them there are using a pair of trainers or plimsoles to commute. Your feet will thank you!

Drink Lots
Water, that is. Our brains often mistake thirst for hunger and so we have a tendancy to over-eat. I know this is especailly true of me when I'm at home and far too near the kitchen fridge. The urge is just too strong, particularly when there's a piece of dark chocolate calling out my name. So, to quieten the voices and squash those cravings make sure to keep a bottle of water handy at all times. Keep sipping it throuh the day and if you feel an undeserved pang, try a guzzle of water before reaching for those leftovers. Chances are you're just thirsty. Water can be a little monotonous so I like to add different fruits and veggies to it, which also ups the nutrient content. My favourite is cucumber, but I also like grapefruit, orange, and lemon.

Handy Health
With the increased business of daily life I often find myself waiting until I'm about callapsed from hunger before I eat, so I like to grab something quick and easy. I believe this is one of the main reasons people slip up from their diet and fitness plans, especially at this time of year when chocolate and sweets are at the ready. I'm noot saying to completely abolish al of those Christmas choccies, but keep them hidden and out of plain sight so you're not so tempted. Instead, keep your fruit bowl stocked up with all of your favourites. Grabbing an apple with fill a hole and settle your sweet craving without pilling on the pounds. I also like to keep a few 'picky' easy things in the fridge like olives, dips, salad, and stock up on simple meals like bularwheat or couscous instead of pasta and breads.

What're your top tips for keeping in shape this year? I'd love to hear what you guys think in the comments... let's share our findings and keep each other motivated and healthy!

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