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21 Oct 2014

L'Oréal Color Riche | Review

This lipsticks stood out to me as I was walking the isles of Boots. The matte black packaging is really eye-catching alongside the otherwise brightly-coloured drugstore makeup.
L'oreal are clearly going for something a little more classy with this range as the fancy aesthetics continue to the inside where the bullet is engraved with the brand. I like the gold detailing, particularly the faux flip-top hinge that reminds me of a zippo lighter (I don't quite know what their intention was there) and the logo on top of the lid.

As for the lipstick itself, I love the colour (I chose Eva's Nude). I adore a nude lip and this one has a little extra oomph. It's got undertones of blue and is a little warmer than most nude shades so draws attention to the lip without screaming out. The formula is creamy and very soft so is easily applied and to keep topped up throughout the day without the need of a mirror (major bonus points from me as my working day is fairly hectic with not a lot of time to do touch-ups). The down side to this is that it's not very long wearing, which is also the reason I hesitate to purchase the deeper red shades.

Although I wouldn't jump to buy this in the darker tones purely because of the wear time (there are some great long-wearing reds from the drugstore already), I love this formula for the nude colours and Eva's is definitely my favourite for a great everyday nude colour.

Have you tried anything from this range yet? What do you think?

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