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9 Oct 2014

Dove Love

Having thick, heavy hair can make finding a good conditioner difficult. Most often they're too smoothing and make my hair even more limp, so in an effort to find a conditioner that will detangle, tame, and provide softness without weighing the whole lot down I tried and tested a fair few.
Having recently had highlights put in, I opted for one with repairing qualities that would help being my strands back to health.

I have just reached the last dregs of my Dove Intense Repair Conditioner* and I have to say I think it did a lot of good for my brittle, newly-bleached locks. It not only allows a brush to glide through the hair (a massive plus if you suffer with ridiculous tangles like me), it leaves it soft and bouncy, something I never thought a conditioner could do. If you're looking for fuller, bouncier hair without having to spend an hour blowdrying upside-down, head between thighs, this is the conditioner for you. I love to pair it with my BIG shampoo from LUSH to be left with a mane to rival an 80's prom do.

What's been your go-to shampoo / conditioner for keeping the mane tame through the colder air this Autumn?

* PR Sample

— Coming Soon —