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29 Oct 2014

Daily Face | Work

Having an oily skin type and working long hours in the hustle and bustle of London means that I've had to come up with the solution to my face quickly becoming a slip-and-slide. I use to think that piling on more meant less would wear off in the day, but that only amounted in a very patchy, cakey looking complexion.

22 Oct 2014

Autumn Awakening

I love Autumn. It means bringing out the chunky knits, layering with neutrals, and smacking on a rouge lip. Everyone looks their best at this time of year and my creativity gets reinspired.

21 Oct 2014

L'Oréal Color Riche | Review

This lipsticks stood out to me as I was walking the isles of Boots. The matte black packaging is really eye-catching alongside the otherwise brightly-coloured drugstore makeup.

9 Oct 2014

Dove Love

Having thick, heavy hair can make finding a good conditioner difficult. Most often they're too smoothing and make my hair even more limp, so in an effort to find a conditioner that will detangle, tame, and provide softness without weighing the whole lot down I tried and tested a fair few.

— Coming Soon —