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2 Sep 2014

5 Tips for Big Hair

Wash it less
Every time you wash your hair you're stripping it of it's natural oils. The more frequently you wash your hair, the more it'll counterbalance by producing more oils and therefore leave your hair greasy looking and flat at the root. So, if you can whack on a bit of dry shampoo and go an extra day without washing it (I love me some third-day-hair updos) you'll see more volume all round.

Wash at night
Washing your hair before bed will mean it's still damp on the pillow and so instead of gravity weighting it down as it dries, the lift from sleeping on it will give it a bit more body. I love the beachy bed-head curls this gives, too. 

Salt sprays
If your hair is pin straight and getting (and keeping) that wave is near impossible, a simple salt spray will do the trick. The salt will slightly dehydrate the hair, causing it to wave. You get the same effect from a day at the beach because of the salt in the air and water. A beach holiday may be a more pleasant way of achieving waves, but a spray is a little more affordable (especially if made at home).

Salt shampoo
There are endless promises adorning haircare bottles that suggest the promotion of bigger, fuller, more voluptuous hair but not all of them deliver. I've learned to read the label and stick to the ones containing salt (and a counterbalance of natural oils so that the hair doesn't become brittle). My all time favourite is LUSH's BIG shampoo.

Give it a trim
If you've got long locks, you'll likely find that it lays pretty flat on top. The weight of it all will pull it down and give the effect of dull, lifeless hair. If you don't want to go for the chop, adding a few layers through will give it more body without losing any of the length. I love the look of whispy, chin-length hair framing the face.

Do you already follow any of these tips? What are your best big-hair tricks?

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