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8 Jul 2014

Wax Lyrical

When it's time to unwind from the day there's nothing I love more than tying my hair back, slapping on a face mask, and lighting a candle. I love my evening routine and as soon as the sun starts to set the candles come out. I've built up quite the waxy collection and love to fit my scent to my mood.

I picked up a few TU candles by Sainsbury's a little while ago to mix into my candle collection but wasn't prepared for how well they fill a room with their scent. I wasn't expecting much from them but these candles are pungent! I've been burning them in my bedroom with my windows flung open and they still manage to hold a presence. I love the scent of the 'Orchid & Sweet Coconut' one and will definitely be checking out their three-wick collection next time.

I'm a massive fan of the Yankee candle (they all smell so good and last ages!), but this 'Lovely Kiku' one is my current favourite scent from them. It's so fresh and light and pretty. It reminds me of a very sweet smelling garden. Perfect for summer.

I'm not usually a sweet scent lover. but this 'Sicilian Lemon' candle I picked up in St. Ives is right on the boarder of sweet and citrus. It smells just like a fizzy lemonade and is ideal for zinging up a hot summer evening.

The Lily Flame candles are some of my favourites. Lovely scents, long-lasting wax, and powerful enough to fill a large room with the fragrance. I have a few of these lovelies, but I am going nuts for the 'Blue Hyacinth' one and have been lighting it every night. It really smells like flowers and reminds me of the annual bluebell woods walk I use to go on.

What're your favourite candle fragrances for summer?

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